7 Charlie Hebdo Cartoons That Shook The World To It’s Roots

It’s been 3 days now, since the massacre that occurred at the office of Charlie Hebdo , the renowned French satirist magazine, popular for taking controversial digs at religion and politics through its cartoon sketches. As worldwide demonstrations and eminent personalities continue to voice their support of the freedom of speech and condemning the violence, there is no denying that it had sparked some curiosity among those who were least bothered before, of the raging anger that had been created till date, by this controversial magazine.

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Is Charlie Hebdo A Crusader Against Every Extremism?

One of them would be me too, I must confess. But now as I flip through the various pages linking me to the controversial cartoon sketches, there is one question that continues to persist within – “Was Charlie Hebdo trying to hold a crusade against the beliefs of the extremists?”. I ponder upon this question not on the pretext of religious ground but from every perspective that I could lay my eye upon. The religion, the politics, the persistence and the racism. You see, it seems to be that the magazine’s continuous objective was to break the strong grounds of ideological barriers, within which some of us still continue to exist even to this day and fear we would wither away upon being removed.

The soul aim was to laugh, as was quoted by Laurent Leger, a Charlie Hebdo journalist, who told CNN that the objective was “to laugh at the extremists—every extremist. They can be Muslim, Jewish, Catholic. Everyone can be religious, but extremist thoughts and acts we cannot accept.”

Ofcourse, that is what Satire is all about right? To ridicule the foolish behavior and views of others through the use of humour. “We treat the news like journalists. Some use cameras, some use computers. For us, it’s a paper and pencil,” was what the Muhammad cartoonist, named Luz, said to The Associated Press in 2012.

However , not many are able to grasp the ultimate motive of satire, which is to straighten out the ridiculous views held by people and which ultimately culminated to the Wednesday terrorist attack, killing twelve people and 2 policemen.

CBC News reports Stephane Charbonnier,the editor of Charlie Hebdo who was also murdered on Wednesday, to acknowledge back in 2012, “Muhammad isn’t sacred to me. I don’t blame Muslims for not laughing at our drawings…”.

A Paper Born With 1 Aim – to Purge the World of Every Extremist Belief

It seems that this was not the first time for the French paper to have faced threats. In the past, there were attacks inflicted upon the paper responsible for the ‘blasphemous’ sketches that it had published. The earliest traces of Charlie Hebdo begins with the demise of Hara Kiri, its predecessor whose satirical publication was banned by the French Government for cracking some fun at the cost of Charles de Gaulle.

Almost after a decade, Charlie Hebdo is born to be what Stephane Charbonnier decribes as a crusader of “left-wing, secular, and atheist”.

Let us have a look at some of the most controversial sketches published by Charlie Hebdo that are said to have stirred up the air for many.


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After its predecessor was shut down for ridiculing the then president Charles de Gaulle, the publication house came back with a bang with Charlie.Hebdo. Not long after, there took place a lot of fiasco centering de Gaulle and by the time the French municipal election started, the air was filled with a feeling of anti-Government. The publication house took advantage of the situation and came out with an issue with the cover picture reading “Votez Con”, which translates to “Vote Asshole” with the following words “You Don’t Have A Choice” written beneath.

Consequence of fame – The above statement seemed to have touched the sentiment of a lot of people who harbored the feeling during that time. No wonder, the phrase still appears in a lot of French graffiti till today.


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In the month of October, 2011, the publication house brought out an issue with Prophet Muhammad as the ‘guest editor’. The cover showed the picture of the grinning Prophet accompanied by a bubble quote warning of “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing’. The issue celebrated the victory of Ennahada, the country’s Tunisian Islamist party.

Consequence of Fame – A week after the issue was out, a Molotov cocktail was thrown inside the office premise, firebombing all the equipments and properties present. However, no one was hurt. Charlie Hebdo’s website was also hacked and leaving behind the following message, which said, “You keep abusing Islam’s almighty Prophet with disgusting and disgraceful cartoons using excuses of freedom of speech. Be God’s curse upon you!”


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Little did the extremists know what the firebombing attack could have had in store for them, for the magazine came back with one its most famous and ofcourse, controversial cover sketches of all time- a picture set in the midst of the ruins (caused by the bomb blast),which depicts one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist and a Muslim man sharing a passionate French kiss. The picture was accompanied with the following caption –“Love is more powerful than hate”.

Consequence of Fame – The sketch itself was provocative even for magazines that routinely publish images of Palestinians being murdered by Israelis and Muhammad. The magazine refused to stay passive. Editor Stephane Charbonnier, openly attacked the extremists by saying that he was doing his job of making their lives difficult as they did theirs.


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There were times when Charlie Hebdo tried killing two birds with one shot and that is what he did when in 2010, the French Government banned women from wearing the Burqa or the Niqab out in public. To show support of the new law, the controversial magazine brought out an edition that featured the picture of a naked woman, frolicking around on the road with a piece of cloth ruffling between her legs. “Yes to wearing the Burqa…on the inside”, was the caption for the picture.

Consequence of Fame – Well, you may can guess the consequence by now.


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If anyone thought that the staff members had to pay their lives for making fun at the expense of the Islam, then here is one thing you should know. Charlie Hebdo did not leave anyone of its satire. Not even Michael Jackson. While I would come to that later, in November 2012, the magazine came out with an issue on gay marriage. This was when the Catholic Right Wing party of France protested against the legalization of gay marriage. The cover picture depicted that of Jesus and another God engaging in the activity of sodomny, with the Holy Spirit bringing up the Rear. The caption – “Mgr Vingt-Trois a trios papas” was made as a direct reference Cardinal Vingt-Trois, known by many as an ‘outspoken gay marriage opponent’.

Consequence of Fame– It was nothing less than an apocalyptic. It enraged every Catholics, Christians and opponents alike. The cover proved to bring a lasting controversy.


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This cover picture was inspired after the Pope gave a series of confusing statement, revolving around the Church’s approval of the use of condom, inorder to prevent the spread of disease. The cover depicts the picture of Pope Benedict XVI, holding aloft a condom and declaring “this is my body”, which is taken from the lines in the Christian eucharist and which is a reference to the crucifixion of Christ. The headline caption reads as “The Pope Goes Too Far” in parody to the statements made by the Pope.

Consequence of Fame – Not sure 😛


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In 2012, after the film named Intouchables made a box office hit in France, Charlie Hebdo produced another controversial magazine that shook half of the world with terror. The original film centers on the story of poor black man, hired as a care taker to look after the rich man who was paralyzed. The film was quoted to be a ‘small fest’ with subtlety less than a sledgehammer. The film inspired one of the magazine’s controversial cover sketch the ‘Intouchables 2’, which features the caricature of a Jew pushing a Muslim in a wheel chair. The caption read – “You shouldn’t make fun of us”. While that was just the layer of controversy, designed perfectly to provoke reaction, the inside part of the issue proved to be all the more bombastic. Based on the release of the film of the Innocence of Muslims (a highly anti-Islamic controversial film, which was credited to spark the Benghazi attack), there were sketches of the Prophet Muhammad with pornographic postures. For example, in one he was bent over, with a star that covers his asshole and a headline caption that says, “A star is born”. On another, he is shown lying absolutely nude on a bed, while the director films screening him from behind, while the Prophet says, “My ass? And you love it, my ass?”

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Consequence of Fame – Catastrophic! While the Muslim world was set ablaze, about 20 foreign outposts were closed on the day the issue was to hit the shelves, for fear that the French nationals would suffer assaults. The world condemned the magazine, while the Parisian press rebuked it for its irresponsibility and misuse of the right to speech. The magazine too, was appointed with a permanent police guard.

I think I have spoken too much on the sensitive causes that Charlie Hebdo’s issues revolved around. Some of them were indeed highly controversial, while others were a little less I believe. Nevertheless, if the convicts thought shooting down a bunch of high profile heads would make a stop to humour and parody, which the magazine boldly depicts, they might think of condering to be wrong. The magazine had already begun to work, with an aim to run a total of one million copies next week. Besides, the massacre had already led to a number of posts getting published online and on newspapers with some of the magazine’s famous works that had triggered so many controversies till date. So anyway, the sketches, with their messages are getting circulated worldwide at a rapid pace and have already reached across different corners of one’s sleepy mind. And while the officials managed to force close Hara Kiri, Charlie Hebdon is going nowhere. After all the pen is mightier than the sword, right? You see if you persist and persist, you will succeed one day and those staff members of Charlie Hebdo were daring enough for a good cause, they stood against extremism and not against religion. So in the light of this, here is one final laugh for you, brought to you from one of the magazine’s cover picture issued in the year 2009, after the announcement of the death of Michael Jackson, which depicts the skeleton of Michael Jackson along with the caption – “Michael Jackson White At Last”.

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One Day: A Celebration Of Love, Friendship And Time

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                                         “Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today”

When Emma speaks this out, it really touches my heart. There are more such heart pinching dialogues to hear, when you watch this movie but the reason why I highlight this line is because, I feel this is where the main message lies and that is what the director wants to convey. Live for today and be happy with it till tomorrow arrives, since it might not be the same, the next day for you. Very poignant indeed!

One Day – Twenty Years of Timeless Travel for Two People

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The plot begins with Anne Hathaway who plays the role of Emma, swimming. She is then shown riding her bicycle through the busy street and then through an alley and just then a date appears on the screen – ‘15 July, 2006’.

At first I thought this was the day from when the director begins telling us the story of a relationship, but the director gets me offhand, since it hadn’t occurred to my mind that the director was taking the audience backwards through the time in 1988, to tell the story of two friends. It was on 15th of July, 1988 that Emma and Dexter meet when they celebrate their graduation day. They decide to make out but later on that night, both decide to remain friends.

The audience is then taken to 1989, after almost one year and we see Dexter helping Emma to move a bed up her new apartment in London. Having had little bit of success pursuing the career of a writer, she decides to take up the job of a waitress at a restaurant. She meets Ian, her new colleague who aspires to be a comedian one day. We see Dexter enjoy his life, traveling around the world, drinking and having intercourse with his series of girlfriends. Emma and Dexter used to meet up now and then. Once they even went out on a trip together. According to me, though Emma had some feelings for Dexter she could not fully reciprocate or express herself completely, owing to Dexter’s lack of interest or because of his more of a playboy like attitude.

I think you my reader, must have heard the Herculean promise lovers seldom make to their beloveds that they could do anything for the sake of love. We get to hear the same thing from Emma but they sounded more adorable. On the night after Dexter was robbed of his money and clothes while they were skinny dipping, Emma tells Dexter she will get ‘those’ Jimmy Choo underwear for him no matter where they are and that sounded so powerful and romantic to be coming straight from the mouth of a girl to a boy.

On 15th July,1994 , Dexter goes to meet his mother who has been diagnosed with cancer and is ill. Having been heavily dosed with alcohol and drugs from partying hard the previous night, he sleeps off. His mother does not find the nature of his career satisfactory but thinks he can become a better man. His father warns him never to come in such a state when visiting them or else he would be banned forever. After returning home, Dexter calls Emma up but that very day, she goes out on a date with Ian. Though she is not amused by Ian, she continues to keep the relationship and moves in with him. Later on, she lands up with the job of a school teacher.

On 15th July, 1996, Emma and Dexter meet again at a restaurant but Dexter ignores her, flirts with a blonde girl and insults her. She becomes angry and storms off. After creating a scene she walks out. She feels that they have outgrown each other and hence should end this friendship. Before leaving she tells Dexter, “I love you, Dexter. So much. I just don’t like you anymore”.

Emma and Ian split up when Ian discloses that he had gone through her personal notebook and knows that she is still in love with her friend.

The next time Emma and Dexter meet again is on 15th July, 2000. Dexter’s old friend and Emma’s University roommate are getting married and both of them have been invited. Emma learns of Dexter’s engagement and that he will soon become a father. Though she is upset, yet she wishes him a good life and both share a kiss.

Emma soon gets her work published and becomes a successful writer. Dexter now works at one of the chain of organic restaurants owned by Callum, his old University friend. However his marriage soon comes to an end when he learns his wife is cheating on him with his old friend Callum. Dexter and Emma have a one night stand after this when Dexter needed a shoulder to cry on after his marriage broke up.

In the hope to start a relationship anew with Emma, Dexter goes to Paris on 15th July, 2003 to meet Emma where she is living now. He decides to leave and even when Emma says “I am sorry Dex”, we see her running after him, asking him to stop because she thought she ‘got rid of you’. She agrees to start a relationship only if he agrees not to cheat or hurt her and warns to kill him if he dares to do so. He promises and the two get engaged and marry away.
Emma and Dexter decide to have a baby but Emma soon gives vent to her frustration when she could not conceive. On 15th July, 2006, they decide to meet after work and spend the evening together and then give another try. It is here that the beginning scene from where the movie starts converge and the audience realize that this is where time is about to be set in a new direction. Emma is shown swimming from one end to another. A symbolization rather, of the series of times she had to swim through. Before riding on her bike, she leaves Dexter a message saying she loves him very much. The wheels of her bicycle, roll through the streets as she rides ahead to catch up with Dexter after work. She reaches the alley and was about to cross I guess, when she gets hit by a truck and dies.

Dexter is left devastated and it was Dexter’s father, whose advice helps Dexter to recover. He tells him to act as if Emma is still alive. We see Dexter slowly recovering from his depression. Over the years he receives support from his ex wife, his daughter, his widowed father and Emma’s old time boyfriend Ian, who also mourns Emma every 15th of July.

On 15th July, 2011, Dexter takes his daughter Jasmine to visit Arthur’s Seat in Scotland. There, he remembers the time back in 1988, right after the night they were to make out but decided to remain friends. They visited the same spot at Arthur’s Seat in Scotland. What followed after that, you can catch up in the movie but the movie ended with the two kissing and it was this moment, which gave the movie a magical ending –“Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today”. They promised to be friend to each other from then on.

My Take on One Day

I found One Day to be touchy and can be safely placed alongside other movies like The Notebook or A Walk To Remember. There were some critiques on Anne Hathaway’s accent, claiming her voice to be “sometimes she’s from Scotland, sometimes she’s from New York, you just can’t tell”. Apart from this, minus her accent and she once again Anne won my heart with her strong and lucid presence. Jim Sturgess too had lived up to his character very well. From makeup to dressing, photography, direction and the actors – everyone seem to have stolen my heart. Cuddles to One Day.


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Byomkesh Bakshi Fire Elo – The Return Of The Trilogy


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Based on Saradindu Bandopadhyay’s ‘Beni Sanghar’, Byomkesh Bakshi Phire Elo is said to be the last of the Byomkesh Trilogy (the other two were Byomkesh Bakshi and Abar Byomkesh). Well, after watching the first movie, I did not take much interest in the second one of the trio and decided to give it a skip. However, upon hearing this to be the final, I decided to pay the movie a visit.

I missed the first thirty minutes though. So, even though I wanted to start this blog post with the opening lines, could not. Nevertheless, let’s catch up with the rest, shall we? ;). Why not give you some overview of the middle part only and let you watch the whole from the beginning till the end at the cinema hall.

So, when I arrive, Byomkesh Bakshi is standing at the crime scene, where two bodies, covered in blood are shown. A police officer gives him a brief on account of the murder that had occurred. Benimadhav, a rich business man and his servant are slain around the neck with a razor knife. The audience get to see the wounds inflicted on the body of the dead victims, as Byomkesh walks past them round the room. In between the brief, a flash back is shown where we see Byomkesh and Benimadhav having a conversation. We learn that the now dead business man was suspicious before that someone among his family members, is trying to kill him but don’t know who. He wanted Byomkesh to unfold the mystery. However, before that happens, he is murdered overnight along with his servant.

As Byomkesh starts his investigation, dark secrets that had so long entangled along every family member within the house, gets unfolded.

And Then?

You will have to watch the movie to know the twist. I can tell you if I were to rate the movie, it would be 4 out of 10. The acting, the story, the beginning and the ending – everything was very polished and well edited. The sound effects were great and of course, who can forget the famous Byomkesh Bakshi theme music.

Some of the dialogues presented were witty, funny and deserve a round of clap. However,I expected more from Saswata Chatterjee though, because he is my favorite actor and so for me that was a down-slide. Plus, there was this particular scene where Byomkesh and Satyabati have a quarrel and Saswata aka Ajit, tries to pacify both of them. Satyabati asks him not to interfere within their family matter and the respond he gives to make Satyabati understand that the only reason he has stayed on for so long with them, is because he considers himself a part of their family. This was both heart touching and strong. Inspite of that, it didn’t seem to touch the heart of all.

On one another note, the ending could have been a little bit more detailed like that shown in other detective movies. The first movie, Byomkesh Bakshi maintained this pattern and was more systematized in this respect (since I didn’t watch the second movie, I will leave it out of this), but, the third movie had an abrupt ending with a very fast unwrapping effect I must say.

I cannot tell whether, Director, Anjan Dutt tried out something different here, but had he blended his new formula with the existing one, it could have turned out to be a hit.

Concluding Highlights

A little bit indulgence on the crime theme and more on other themes, was what I thought happened here.The movie was not only a highlight of the genius of a detective, but it also had some other points to bring to light during that time in Kolkata. You may relate these with some other modern day movies too. All of them are the same – the other side of having a joint family- who tried to kill him?, the arrogant son-in-law whose job involves drinking and gambling- did he kill because he needed more money?, the collegiate with an uncorrupted idealism and a dagger in possession – could it be him?, the niece whose lover’s unaccepted by her ‘business man’ grandfather leads her to elope- but why did she leave on the night after her grandfather’s death? , a servant who dreams of climbing up the ‘bhodrolok’ ladder and keeps on getting defeated but does not lose hope- how was she get defeated?, the photographer who has a pure heart- pure heart for what?, the theater artist,whose occupation leaves his father unsatisfied- could it be him? and the family bond, strengthened with friendship and love. All these factors together give Byomkesh Bakshi Fire Elo the added strength to stand out as a good movie you can watch for once but does it live up to its anticipated expectation?

I leave it up to you viewers 🙂

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Make Your Web Development Your First Criteria before Christmas

WEB_DEVELOP_CHRISTIf you are thinking about how to improve your website before Christmas, here is a list of things that you need to know to work on your website development criteria.

Why Should You Bother About Your Website’s Development?

Your website is an identity of your online presence and if you want more customers to click on to your site, then it is time to sync yourself with the festive mood. Christmas is close so think what you do before December arrives.

Customers like Fresh Look

This is true! You know. The reason they visit your website is not just because it’s easier to choose, click and get a direct delivery home. They search your site for new offers like discounts, coupons and more. So you have to be very active in giving your customers new opportunities to come to your website. Also, if you have not changed the way your website looks for quite some time now, it’s high time you consider doing so. This is important that your website respects the wind in which the season flows, especially if your online store sells clothes, bakeries or other electronic merchandises. Notice all the malls and the shops you visit when you are out on the street. Now that Christmas is coming, they will be busy decorating their stores with Christmas theme. You could follow this for your website. It looks nice and shows that your website is ready for all season.

Customers like Interesting Features

By these I am talking about making your site a little bit more fun. Add plug-ins like price comparison or maybe a plug-in with which, they can make a bookmark of all the products that they choose and consult with friends within their social community. Help them out. Visitors tend to come again and again in search of something new to try out if they get the smell of it.

Besides, these, here is a list of some tips, which you can follow to make your website new and shiny once again:

Quick Web Development Tips before Christmas

  • Make Your Web Pages Simple

Your website tries to engage a customer’s attention with a particular ‘call to action’. It is therefore necessary that you do not confuse your customer with multiple call-to-actions. They will get confused. If you have a web page that displays your products, then your focus should be to turn visitors into buyers. Do not get a pop up box, asking visitors to subscribe to your website’s new letter in the middle of the task, where they are about to click on the ‘buy’ button. That’s distracting and irritating. You should have included this subscription page either in the home page or in the contact page.

  • Optimize Your Site with Web Master Tools

Optimizing your site makes sure that all details regarding your website’s technical function are where they should be. For this you can register yourself to Google’s Webmaster Tools. With a Webmaster tool, you can easily track down how your website is performing. In other words, which part of your website is receiving the maximum number of clicks and impressions. You can also track down which part of your website is receiving crawl errors and know how much significance does the keywords have in your blogs, posts and in other social marketing strategies.

  • Utilize the Google Answer Box

This is the new one that you will be noticing on Google SERP. Just type down on the SERP search bar almost anything you wish to know, like say – What is a blog? You will find a box appearing with some quick and precise answer to your question. That is the answer box and it can provide you with almost any answer you would want to know. Do you know who notes down all the probable answers? It’s Google’s Knowledge Graph, which keeps a store of all probable answers by figuring out the entities. For e.g., if you want to know who is Angelina Jolie’s youngest daughter, then here, the youngest daughter would be the entity . If you are typing down something which the Knowledge Graph has failed to keep a track of, then it would try getting information from a third party website. The third party website, from where information is being extracted, gets the chance to appear in the answer box. What will be the benefit? 1st- to appear twice on the SERP and 2nd-to be the first to grab a customer’s attention. For this, if your website has a blog page, then make sure your blog has a title which matches with the one a visitor types down. This is easy, all you need to do is make a guess work about what relevant keywords your browsers would use. In addition, start your content in an organic style. Remember, Google is here to answer to a browser’s query. So the answers need to appear genuine. You could also link your page to an authoritative page to make sure your content has a strong proof. Google searches for strong proof and this can maximize your chance.

  • Ensure Your Website Has a Social Exposure

Having some social share signal now can improve your website ranking. By integrating social share buttons like Facebook and Twitter, you could help readers maximize your website’s visibility. These social buttons can turn out to be a strong social share PR. Almost every website is using this and hope your website too has one at least.

  • Refresh How Your ‘About Page’ Looks

This is one page which visitors are bound to visit to learn about you and your organization. You should refresh the content in this page. Talk about something new. Tell what percentage achievements you have made or how many milestones you have reached in short. They would love to hear something new.

  • Make Your Website Responsive If You Haven’t

You should know this is important as 2015 would witness more and more Smartphone users ( specially in the developing countries). An advantage to have an online website is that you could easily connect to people worldwide. Your website quality also counts in the eyes of Google’s ranking. If a visitor searches for your website using his/her mobile phone and finds that your website is difficult to be viewed from the phone, then chances are he/she will get out and go to some other site. Hence, your number of bounce rates will increase and your website quality rank in terms of mobile usability, will lower down in Google’s eye. So try grabbing the mobile e-market. Make your website easily accessible from multiple devices. Chances can also be there that the visitor, who visits your website from one device, may purchase a product from some other device. You need to make your website flexible and going responsive is the solution. You can consult a web development expert for this if you don’t have a responsive website.

Here are some basic tips which you can start with. You can also try getting tips to improve your lead form or your SEO strategy. I would write about them very soon, so keep checking this space for more updates.

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‘Aai’, ‘eomma’, ‘em’, ‘ima’, ‘Ma’, ‘mom’, ‘mum’ , ‘mummy’, ‘maman’, ‘amma’, ‘mata’, ‘madre’, ‘ mame’ , ‘mama’… different names , one meaning.

Yes, from the time a baby is born into this world the first word that he/she utters is the word containing the letter ‘M’- ‘ma’ and that continues throughout the various stages in life…no matter how many troubles I’ve been through she was always there to hold me up back to my feet, to guide me, to scold me, to teach me…it has always been ‘ma’… infact since my father had always been on official tours, she was the one who played both the roles of a ‘mom’ and a ‘dad’…yes it is true that dad was the one who taught me how to swim, to ride a bicycle and bike, to take me to  table tennis classes,,,but the main power actually  working  behind all these was my mum who poked my dad around to teach us, the one who encourages me to dream, to soar high…even till now I seek her advice and value it more than anyone else, she has the right to do it, after all in my hardest days, she was the one to share the same burden and not any of my dearest friends. Her motherly attitude( sometimes though strict) comforts me a lot though at times it becomes irritating, no matter how much me and my sis will quarrel with her and swear many a time that we won’t talk anymore with her, after some hours when we fall into trouble , everything seems to get solved the moment we cry out ‘MA’ as if the word itself is the key word to our problems, just like Volini helps in reducing pain or maybe Digene helps in  digestion…and now a stage  has come that me and my sis apart, she has become the mother of animals and birds as well 😛

“MA”- in trouble

“MA”- In advice

“MA”- in happy times[the first one I call after receiving a good news]

“MA”- in quarreling…

It has always been MA…infact I think the maximum word uttered by me per day might be about 50- 100 times or maybe more than that :D…

We people celebrate a number of days as special occasions such as Valentine’s day, Hug day, Kiss day, Earth day,Birthday but 12th May becomes the day when people all over the world unite spiritually though not physically to celebrate this day. The word with an ‘M’  that globally unites everyone. I’m not much of a person who tends to express her emotions, but the only way I find my emotions flowing out is through writing and though my mum is unaware that I’m writing this sitting write in front of her, I express my gratitude for standing beside me all these years even though it gets tiresome…without your guidance it feels like I’ve lost my backbone…and as I’m writing, it has started to rain, bringing a cool ambience with the earthly smell spreading…for this I thank you too ‘Mother Nature’ ,you’ve made this day all the more special ,,,without your care and concern, we human beings might not have dwelled so comfortably…

As I write, ma comes out of the bathroom saying, “there’s a baby crow sitting on the window ledge. It is completely wet and is taking shelter…don’t disturb it…poor thing! Doesn’t have anywhere to go in this heavy rain and its completely wet…”…SIMPLY MA!



Auto nuisance seemed to have increased incredibly all over the city. There seems to be no end of us falling victims to the adamant and rash driving of the auto drivers. They often demand an increased fare which especially occurs during special timings -the office hours when people are in a hurry and in the evening when there’s a huge rush when people are returning home. A refusal to meet up their demand will lead them to indulge in verbal abuses which is also carried when they are opposed while rash driving. Their business tactics is also worth noting-as an example I am focusing only in Behala which I think is found in other parts of the city.
     During the hours of auto crisis, the autos plying from Taratala to Thakurpukur, break their route into two-from Taratala to Chowrasta and from Chowrasta to Thakurpukur,causing the passengers to board autos twice. There are times when I boarded the same auto twice, because the driver after coming upto Chowrasta refused to go beyond Chowrasta but  after walking a little bit when I boarded a second auto ,I found myself in the same auto from which I had got down just a few minutes ago. They also have a wonderful network of connection among themselves thus making them the perfect ‘partners in crime’ which when ironically contrasted with that of the passengers seems to triumph. The co passengers turn a deaf ear whenever a passenger is opposing the driver rightfully but unfortunately loses due to lack of support. In contrast, whenever an auto driver falls in a controversy with a passenger, the other auto drivers immediately come to his aid thus triumphing over the ‘lone’ passenger.
      Ironically, the ‘blindfolded’ co-passengers especially those sitting in front,beside the driver often support the driver thus leaving the passenger helpless. Why can’t we the ‘traveling’ passengers step forward to support each other just like them? The lack of unity among the people makes the auto drivers all the more bold. Despite several protests ,since there seems to be no other way, I think the last option-‘united we stand,divided we fall’ would be incredibly beneficial since it is already working among the auto drivers. It’s a pity that the community of the auto drivers are the first to discover a way to stand united.